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Long before expensive glass panes stole the spotlight, choose the right Window Shutter were the star companion for windows in most homes.


For centuries, shutters have graced us with privacy, insulation during the winter, and blocked burning summer rays to keep the house cool. There are two kinds for homeowners: operable shutters open and close to perform their function, and non-operable ones just sit and look pretty—they’re decorative shutters. 


Operable interior and exterior shutters require careful design selection, sizing, and installation. In this bite-sized guide, we’re going to help you select the right interior window shutters for your home’s architectural style and let us worry about the heavy-lifting to make it come true. 

Choose the Right Window Shutter Style

The last thing you want is a shutter from the Victorian era in your Arts and Crafts home. Find out which style works best for your home by looking at homes in your neighborhood. 


Historically-inspired architectural styles are common today, so it’s essential to keep your home’s facade true to the style it was designed in.


There are many kinds of shutters; here are the main shapes: 


  • Louvered Shutters: have angled slats that allow light and air to pass through. They look better on homes with a more ornate, classical, or casual appearance than the more low-key panel shutters. 
  • Vinyl Shutters: these shutters are the least expensive, but they may have structural issues if made large. No wood is used in their construction, but PVC or aluminum can be used for stability. These products are weather-resistant and remain functional in high-moisture environments. There are different types of vinyl shutters, such as Hollow vinyl, Structured hollow vinyl, Solid vinyl, and Solid vinyl with an aluminum insert.
    • Cafe-style Shutters: interior shutters with half-heights are designed to provide privacy, light, and a view of the outside. They combine functionality with elegance. They come in a variety of materials. Cafe-style shutters are available in composite, wood, and polymer materials. If you want, you can stain, color, or customize them to match your decor.
  • Plantation Shutters: elegant and suitable for dining rooms, bedrooms, and more casual settings like dens and kitchens. They maximize sunshine and protect against humidity and heat when closed. Closing the shutters improves airflow through the house as well. You can choose from wide louvers or angled slats that are fixed around a series of intervals.
    • Solid Panel and Raised Panel: resembles kitchen cabinets or doors with a single/double raised panel. With their low profile, they blend well with virtually any home style.
  • Bermuda or Bahama: over the window, they are mounted similar to an awning. Bermuda shutters are generally found in coastal areas, providing Caribbean style and protection from the sun’s hot rays.

Size Your Shutters Correctly 

Even if shutters cannot be operated, they should cover the window when closed and convey a believable appearance of being usable. Additionally, shutters should mirror the window. Ideally, the rails should line up with the transom, lock rail, muntin, or other architectural elements of the window. Sometimes shutters are mounted upside down. This is probably the result of a careless reinstallation following painting or maintenance.

Select the Right Material

Shutters can be made from various materials, such as wood, pultruded fiberglass, high-density structural PVC, and others. Many people appreciate the authentic look that wood provides and the unique character multiple coats of paint give to an old wooden shutter. You can choose from lumber such as cedar, cypress, and African mahogany for decay resistance, or you can select composite materials that won’t need painting or any other maintenance.

Get Your Next Window Shutters at Sunny Shutters

You can sort out all the details for your next window shutters but it’ll only go so far if they’re not quality-made. You need to ensure that your shutters are as sturdy as sexy. So make sure to trust your supplier, especially the local one. Sunny Shutters has been custom-crafting the finest interior shutters for 20 years. Our customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof, too. 


Now that you know what to look for in your new interior window shutters, book a consultation today and give your windows a much-needed makeover.  

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