How Window Shutters Reduce Your Energy Bill?

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Living in Toronto is expensive enough. Your hydro bill from hell is not going to help you. But did you know window shutters can reduce your energy cost?

That’s right, shutters aren’t just about security and aesthetics; they can reduce the energy consumption of your home. And in this short read, we’re going to explain why.

What are window shutters?

Window shutters are a type of window treatment that sits on the outside or inside of your window. They’re made from a variety of materials including vinyl. wood, and even metal.

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Shutters allow you to control the amount of light entering your home by being opened, closed, or tilted. They can be customized to fit all your needs as well as your taste.

Window shutters can act as a sealant

Since interior shutters are fastened to the window jam itself, they allow heat to enter and cold to escape, making it the perfect window insulation system. As long as they are fitted tightly against the window frame, solid shutters offer added insulation all year long.

This could mean significant energy savings. Think about it: every time you adjust your thermostat because your heat is escaping, what are you really doing? You’re wasting money without even realizing it.

Wood shutters are insulators themselves

The natural properties of window shutters make it an excellent insulator. While faux wood blinds may be better than fabric drapes, shutters are the best option for insulating windows. Unlike faux wood blinds, shutters are made from a material that is thicker, making them more energy-efficient than other window coverings. Thus they provide energy efficiency in cold and hot weather. In the summer, this insulation creates a more efficient shade inside the house, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Call em’ for what they are: Barriers.

When installed, shutters have a space in between themselves and windows. Despite the constant movement of air, shutters create a barrier that makes it difficult for hot air to escape and cold air to enter. During cold winter months, the longer you can keep the heat inside, the less heat you will use to keep the home warm, saving you money.

We design our shutters to keep out both the summer heat and the winter chill, so your house remains comfortable all year round. You can use shutters on standard windows as well as on windows with arches, angles, ovals, and circles. For a custom look, you can also combine them with other window treatments.

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Using your window shutters strategically

Prevent heat loss in the winter

  • During the day: Open your window shutters during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home.
  • In the evenings: Close the shutters and keep the cool air out in the evenings to prevent heat loss.

Prevent heat gain in the summer

  • East-facing windows: Close east-facing window coverings before you go to bed to reduce the annoying morning sun rays.
  • West-facing windows: Cover west-facing windows in the late afternoon and early evening to block the evening sun.
  • South-facing windows: Cover south-facing windows during the day to prevent heat gain.

Get energy-efficient window shutters installed for your Toronto home.

We’ll do the job right and you’ll get a stylish, functional window treatment that can save you money—what more can we say?

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