4 DIY Window Treatment Ideas to Elevate Your Home

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So you’re sitting at home and you’re looking to get crafty. You look around the home, scanning your furniture, walls, windows… and it hits you.

You have boring window coverings. Try some window decoration!

It’s time to spice things up in your abode with some homemade window treatment. At Sunny Shutters, we know a thing or two about creative home design, so we’re bringing your four creative DIY window treatment ideas to elevate your Toronto home today.

Ready? Let’s go.

Hang natural indoor plants across your window

This first idea about window decoration is a super simple way to add some life to your boring, standard window. The best part? This plant hanging can be done in under ten minutes with items from your local dollar store.

It’s simple, cute, and will make your room look instantly more chill while blocking off hot sun rays (and absorbing some to keep growing – hitting two birds with one stone). It can also be a decent privacy curtain depending on your plant type.

Be eco-friendly and go frugal with burlap curtains

Next up, we have burlap curtains. Remove your existing drapes and replace them with some thick fabric that’s coarse to the touch (we like burlap).

No, you don’t need to factory produce this material. Some resourceful homeowners find local farms or stores and take their used food burlap sacks to create this look.

Turn your blank shades into creative paintings

A fast and smart way to add some life to your solid-colored surroundings is taking advantage of blank shades by creating art patterns on them with spray paint or other art utensils.

If you’re afraid of ruining your current shades, or simply lack a blank-canvased set, then feel free to grab some white roller shades before getting started.

You can be as creative as you like. From painting urban scenery to a simple plant drawing to mere polka dots or zigzags, there are no limits to where you can go with these. 

Windows? No, barn doors.

If you want to give your sub/urban Toronto home a rural kick, consider adding barn doors as a window treatment. The setup takes a bit more work but is relatively straightforward.

There are quite a few local farms on the outskirts of Toronto that you can visit to see if they have any old barn doors. You can also go the easy route and grab some at the Home Depot or some other retailer.

You may even find an old door or piece of wood in your own background that could be worth using – it doesn’t necessarily have to be barn doors.


So there you have it, four easy-peasy DIY window decoration ideas that’ll transform your Toronto home. If you need any help choosing your shades or have questions about treating windows in general, you can shoot us a message.

Now the ball’s in your court. Go forth and be crafty!

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