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Happy Chinese New Year.

window blinds store scarborough
After a long period of tidying up and fishing, our showroom at 2-680 Progress Ave, Scarborough is finally clean.
Next, I will tell you about the existing environment and products in the exhibition hall.
1. About the location, Sunny Shutter’s new showroom is located in Scarborough, the specific address is 680 PROGRESS AVE, UNIT 2. It is close to Scarborough Town Centre, with a superior landscape, and next door is the well-known bazooka boxing gym here. Customers can drop by the store or take our sales to the Town Center for a light meal.
2. Customers who come to visit or purchase curtains can also go to the front of the factory to see the production process of curtains through the glass door while familiarizing themselves with the products.

3. Roller blinds, zebra blinds, Shangri-La blinds, cotton and linen blends, suede fibers, satin fibers, and Shutters are available in the store. Everyone’s favorite snake-shaped blinds are also ready.
4. Customer who comes to the store and makes an appointment for free on-site measurement will receive an additional $50 discount when placing an order.
Take this opportunity to popularize the thermal insulation function of Vinyl Shutters with you, which is the California shutters that everyone is more familiar with. In the season when the gas bill is rising, it can be said that the top priority is to do a good job of heat preservation in the home.

Sunny Shutter Show Room
Sunny Vinyl Shutters California blinds use sealing and thermal insulation foam to ensure the sealing and thermal insulation effect between doors, windows, and walls. Insulation against the cold, Toronto, a place of bitter cold, should pay attention to the city’s energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, but as individuals, we don’t pay much attention, after all, we are not Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, the key is to save money.


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