3 Stylish Window Treatments for Your Sliding Doors

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If you own a home in Toronto, there’s a high chance you have sliding doors somewhere in your abode.

And most sliding doors are glass – AKA, see-through.

While everyone loves a healthy dose of sunshine and outdoor scenery, we also value our privacy and would rather keep a balance between the two. Too much outdoor exposure could also uncomfortably raise or lower your home’s temperature. That, as you can imagine, surges your electricity bill.

As if Toronto homes aren’t expensive enough.

So at Sunny Shutters, we’re going to show you some great window covering ideas for your sliding doors that you just can’t say no to.

Ready? Let’s go.

Give your sliding door a fresh pair of curtains

For rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight, such as those with a south-facing sliding door, blocking light is a top priority. For your sliding doors, choose lined curtains that will block the sun’s rays effectively during the day. Your home will stay cooler during the summer months and your furnishings will be protected from sun damage or fading.

Take a more subtle route with solar or roller shades

Large sliding doors often provide expansive views of the outdoors, which you might not want to block with heavy draperies. Instead, consider using more discreet window treatment ideas, like roller or solar shades, which won’t obstruct your view as much. 

Rolling up the system blends in with the door trim for a seamless appearance. When needed, the shades can be pulled down to block light and offer privacy.

Bi-fold window shutters: perfect for sliding doors

With the Bi-Fold Track System, up to six panels can be hinged together. The panels are connected to a top track that supports them and guides their folding movements. It’s possible to configure bi-fold panels on a track to accommodate large windows or sliding glass doors.

The benefits of bi-fold window shutters are many. Because they’re hinged, you can open them partly or completely to let the air in and enjoy the scenery outdoors. When closed, bi-folds provide excellent heat insulation and noise control. Plus, the panels stack compactly to save space when not in use.

Give your sliding doors a proper makeover with Sunny Shutters

At Sunny Shutters, we offer a wide range of window treatments for any sliding door. All our shutters and shades are customizable with hundreds of colour options and workmanship guaranteed for life.

We also have various payment plans – installation-only or full financing – so you can start enjoying your new products as soon as possible.

Call us at 647 857 8669 or submit a form to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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